KC Appliance & Repair services the Kansas City Metropolitan area for refrigerator repairs.

Repairing a refrigerator can be complicated and should be left to the experts. Whether you have a side-by-side, a built-in, a bottom mount, an under-the-counter, a top & bottom, with fancy French-doors or a commercial major brand refrigerator, our refrigeration specialists have the skills and knowledge to service and repair your unit.
When taken into consideration that we rely on appliances to make our life easier and more convenient, we forget that they are machines and need maintenance. The electrical as well as the mechanical problems may arise with your refrigerator unit; these internal troubles manifest external problems. Are you dealing with some of the following refrigerator related inconveniences:
•    Refrigerator not running
•    It’s not cool in fresh food side
•    Freezing is Erratic
•    It’s unusually noisy (screeching & squeaking)
•    The seals are leaking cool air
•    Light is out or won’t turn off inside refrigerator
•    The freezer compartment is icing up
•    Food in the refrigerator is freezing
•    There’s water dripping inside the refrigerator
•    Refrigerator constantly runs and never cycles off
•    The ice maker isn’t making ice
•    Fresh-food section temperature fluctuates

If you are experiencing any these situations, you should consider a skilled refrigerator service technician.  KC Appliances and Repair have factory trained technicians who can repair and inspect  your refrigerator for these items:
• condenser and evaporator coils
• check and calibrate thermostats/ defrost heater and relays wired to compressor
• service condenser and evaporator fan motor
• check interior light and stop unwanted air leaks.
• install new ice-makers into your existing refrigerator/freezer unit.
Most times replacing a component part is all you need to extend the life of your appliance. Don’t spend money on a new refrigerator – we can fix it and get you back to working order. Our goal is your satisfaction! Give us a call toll FREE 877 983-4933 or our local number 816 286-4445.