Dryer Drum Not Turning?

There are several things that need to be checked to get your Dryer operating properly again when there is a turning or tumbling issue. Or Call KC Appliances and Repair at 877.983.4933 | 816.286.4445
Four Things To Check

Power Supply 240 Volts at Outlet

Test Idler Switch

Check That Belt Has Not Broken

Make Sure Door Switch Is Operating

How To Repair A Dryer That Won't Turn or Tumble?
Always start at the outlet then move into the dryer to test components like belt, idler switch, door start switch, motor and timer or control board.

Power Supply 240 Volts at Outlet
The outlet will energize the dryer with 240 volts. If your dryer has 120 V then you may have an electrical problem.

Test Idler Switch For Resistence
You will need a volt meter to do this part. Set to read ohms. You will either get resistance (good) or you will get infinity (failed)... replace.

Check Belt To See If Broken
The belt is weaved through and idler pulley and motor arbor to turn the drum. If belt is broken it will need to be replaced.

Check Door Switch For Resistance When Closed
The drum will not activate if the door switch is not delivering voltage to timer and motor. If door switch bad it will need to be replaced

Repairing A Broken Dryer Belt

Another area of frustration is when the dryer stops tumbling. When a dryer does not tumble it is usually a broken belt. Dryers use a belt that goes around the drum and connects to a motor drive shaft. The belt and motor is what turns the drum. If the belt breaks and fails it will stop turning the drum and clothes will not tumble. To check this you will have to open up your dryers' cabinet and inspect the belt. (see video step by step). Replace the belt if it is worn and broken. When you check the belt be sure and observe the idler pulley wheel. The pulley usually wears at the same rate as a dryer's belt and may need to be replaced too.

Other tips on dryers are when they will not start, drum will not tumble, taking too long to dry or how to get a dryer repaired.

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