Dryer Won't Heat?

There are several things that need to be checked to get your Dryer operating properly again when there is a heating issue. Or Call KC Appliances and Repair at 877.983.4933 | 816.286.4445
Four Things To Check

Power Supply 240 Volts at Outlet

Test Fuses for Resistance and Condition

Check Motor For Proper Wiring Operation

Check Timer or Control Board For Directed Volts

How To Repair A Dryer That Won't Heat?
Always start at the outlet then move into the dryer to test components like heating element, fuses, motor and either timer or control board.

Power Supply 240 Volts at Outlet
The outlet will energize the dryer and is delivered with either a three prong or four prong power chord to the dryer terminal.

Test Fuses for Resistence
You will need a volt meter to do this part. Set to read ohms. You will either get resistance (good) or you will get infinity (failed)... replace.

Check Motor For Proper Wiring To Operate
The motor is the main engine that turns drum but also engages the heater. You should contact a technician for this part.

Check Timer or Control Board For Directed Volts
The motor inside the timer advances the cams in a sequential process to open and close connection to heat and operate.

Dryer not hot usually indicates heating element or cycling fuse.

If your dryer starts up but doesn't heat, you will need to check the cycling fuse and the heating element. The thermal cycling fuse works as a heat-sensitive safety fuse which is attached to your dryer's heating element chamber. The design is for the fuse to blow when the dryer element overheats. A thermal cycling fuse that has blown will cause your dryer to not activate the heat element. Moreover, in some cases, it may keep the dryer from starting and turning on but rare. If the cycling fuse is bad you will need to replace. If your fuse tests ok, then you will need to check the element coils for continuity.

The dryer part that most people think goes out is the heating element. However, on occasion, the dryer element does go bad but usually it is the fuse. If this is what has happened, then you will need to test the element to see if it has continuity. Continuity means it can carry an electrical current thus creating the warm orange glow to heat your dryer. In addition, an Ohms test gives you a resistance reading. These tests are usually all you need to do to know if you need a new element. If there is no continuity or resistance then you will need a new heating element.

Other tips on dryers are when they will not start, drum will not tumble or how to get a dryer repaired. For more information on dryer repair issues give KC Appliances and Repair at 2411 M-291 Hwy Independence, MO 64057 or call us at 816. 286.4445.

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