Dryer Takes TOO Long To Dry

There are several things that need to be checked to get your Dryer operating properly again when there is an issue with excessive time to drying. Or Call KC Appliances and Repair at 877.983.4933 | 816.286.4445
Four Things To Check

Power Supply 240 Volts at Outlet

Test Fuses for Resistance and Condition

Check Venting for Lint Build Up

Check Outside Vent For Obstructions

How To Repair A Dryer That Takes Too Long To Dry
Always start at the outlet then move into the dryer to test components like heating element, fuses, motor and either timer or control board.

Power Supply 240 Volts at Outlet
The outlet will energize the dryer with 240 but if there is only 120V delivered the motor will run but it will not heat.

Test Fuses for Resistence
You will need a volt meter to do this part. Set to read ohms. Check your cycling fuse if (failed)... replace.

Check Venting For Airflow To Outside
Pull dryer out and disconnect vent hosing. Check for debris and lint build up.

Check Outside Vent for lint build up.
The motor inside the timer advances the cams in a sequential process to open and close connection to heat and operate.

If Dryer Warm Inside Drum You Have A Venting Problem

When clothes start taking too long to dry, there usually is a build up of lint and debris in the exhaust vent. The first thing is to pull the dryer out so you have room to move and work. Then pull the vent duct off the dryer and check for debris and massive amounts of lint that may have accumulated inside the opening. In addition, check the outside vent to make sure it is not clogged. Most dryers only collect about 30-40% with the lint screen and the rest is expelled through the vent.

Another thing to check if clothes are taking too long to dry is the placement of your dryer. Make sure your dryer has not been pushed back up against the wall. This can pinch the hose and cause a restriction in air flow from the back exhaust panel. To test, start the dryer and let run for a few minutes then open it and feel if there is heat inside the drum. If there is no heat then you may have a thermal fuse or heat element issue. If there is heat inside the drum, your problem is not the dryer but the venting and you will need to find the restriction.

Cleaning the venting is pretty straight forward. You will need a vacuum and a cleaning brush with about a 4 inch bristle. You can find these items at box stores in their dryer sections. Clean the tubing all the way to the outside vent. At the outside vent clean the debris and lint build up. To test you should turn dryer on and go back out and see if the vent louvers are opening. If yes then you are good if not you still have an obstruction and more work to do. KC Appliances and Repair can help you with this project and get your dryer maintenance in order. Call us at 877.983.4933x1 816.286.4445 we are here to help.

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