Refrigerator Repair 3 Tips To Avoid Costly Damage

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Three Tips to Avoid a Refrigerator Repair

Granted these are just a few things you can do that will protect and maintain your most important kitchen appliance to avoid a costly refrigerator repair.  What’s the adage, out of sight out of mind?  Well the refrigerator is not any different, it works while you go about your daily routine keeping food fresh and frozen.  However, if neglected can cause tremendous problems. I have talked with several technicians and here are three that we feel are most important.

First tip is probably the most important, realizing that your refrigerator has a computer chip in its internal system.  That being said, consider what that means. In no way would you ever run your computer without a surge protector, right? appliance repair Kansas City -refrigerator repair

Most people do not even consider having their refrigerator plugged into a surge protector.  This one device can save you a lot of heartache not to mention saves you money.  These computer chips or power boards are expensive and are the brains of the refrigerator. When they fail it will start defrosting and your temperatures will rise and your food will begin to spoil.

Second, make sure the condenser coils are clean under your refrigerator.  Today most refrigerators have the condenser coil underneath the refrigerator behind the kick plate. This is another out of sight out of mind situation.

Here’s what happens: All the dust, pet hair and dander will build up on the coils.  Over time this will put more stress on the compressor. Simply put, more stress on refrigerator means running hotter and for longer periods.  The relief is when air passes over clean coils and keeps the compressor at its suggested temperature. Simply put be sure and keep your condenser clean and free of debris.

Last one, and is similar to the first one, make sure the wall outlet is dedicated to the refrigerator and grounded.  This will insure that when bad weather comes and lightning strikes you are not victim to a surge and ungrounded refrigerator.  These situations wreck havoc on refrigerators and are all simple and cost effective solutions.

To avoid an expensive refrigerator repair remember to put add a surge protector to your wall outlet, keep condenser cols clean and be sure your refrigerator is dedicated and grounded. These simple tips will keep your refrigerator running properly for years while out of sight and out of mind.

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When the power comes back on!

KC Appliances and Repair help consumers get back to normal after an appliance fails.  The disruption of a refrigerator is significant and causes many problems.  We are here to help with all your appliance needs.  Let us get you back to normal. We can be reached toll free 877.983.4933.

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