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Getting Your Kitchen Appliances back to Normal

by admin
When it comes to baking or cooking in the kitchen few things are more irritating than your range not working properly. Not to worry! Whether you have an electric or gas range we can help.  Our experienced technicians will get your range repaired and back to working properly in no time. Our service representatives will come out and diagnose the issue and explain what has happened.  At that time, you decide how you want to proceed, no hassle,  just  giving you the information to make an informed decision. If you elect to have appliance repaired, we usually have the item […]

Range Repair Kansas City

by admin
Electric or Gas Range needing to be repaired?  It always seems to happen at the worst time. You’ve got guests coming over for dinner and boom the range decides to not heat or the burners don’t work.  There are a few things to watch out for that can keep you cooking up a storm with less stress during the holidays. 1) Inconsistent heat on the range cook top burner coils. There are a couple of things that can go wrong with your cook top burner coils and the first one is an easy fix. For safety reasons be sure and […]